Natural Tartaric Products

More than 100 years of experience

Since 1907, Tártaros Gonzalo Castelló, the parent company of GC Chemicals Corporation has been the international standard-setter in the manufacturing of natural tartaric products.

Throughout its history, the steady growth and strong international expansion of Tártaros Gonzalo Castelló S.L. have made the company an international leader and standard-setter in the manufacturing and sale of natural tartaric acid salts and esters.

All the tartaric raw material used in the production process is derived from by-products of the grape, and is carefully selected and analyzed to ensure its traceability. This enables us to achieve continual monitoring during quality control of the production process.

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Tartaric Acid

Used in many different applications due to its properties as: antioxidant, acidifier, flavor enhancer, stabilizer and sequestering agent.

Cream of Tartar

Used in the wine industry for cool stabilization of wine tartrate, for the manufacturing of baking powder due to his buffer effect and in pharmaceutical food industries.

Rochelle Salt

Used mainly in formulations for copper baths. It increases the conductivity and anodic solubility in galvanising baths.